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To Our Beloved Valentines, Our Moment Makers!

It’s officially Valentine’s Day, which means many will be receiving a dozen red roses, a box of chocolates or whispers of sweet nothings. At TLS, we are taking a slightly different approach to Cupid’s holiday this year and introducing a new tradition…

So long Valentine’s Day, hello Annual Moment Maker Day!

Today, and every day for that matter, we want to express our love for our Moment Makers. Enthusiasm, optimism, and charisma only begin to describe our incredible team. Every time a phone rings, our Moment Makers eagerly answer with an open mind and caring heart. No matter the circumstance, they deliver their very best.

We have always said that our goal is to create meaningful interactions by engaging in the moment and, with a team like ours, we reach this goal every day. Going forward, every Valentine’s Day will be a reminder of how grateful we are for these individuals. Plus, it’s no coincidence that the symbol representing our Moment Makers is a heart…

So, here’s to celebrating our Valentine, our Moment Makers!