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TLS Services

Information Collection and Data Entry

We truly believe in becoming partners in the experiences our brands provide their customers. Authentic and empathetic communication begins with accurate collection of information because consistent brand experience is grounded in doing all of the small things really well. As we engage with prospects and customers and have them tell us their story, we are conscious that the collection, confirmation and validation of required information is important as it sets the next stage of the experience up for success.

Concern Resolution

We are customer centric and the resolution of a customer concern is always a top priority.  We achieve this through a dedication to resolution making it a meaningful interaction for customers. We do this through active listening, asking questions and ensuring that we capture customer stories the first time they tell it.  Issues are assessed individually with the goal of resolving them in the moment and when required ensuring that they are addressed in a timely manner and by the appropriate person.

Scheduling Service Appointments and Creating Additional Revenue Opportunity

Our ability to consistently deliver brand experience at first contact is our core competency. Creating the first step in successful brand experience journeys is something we love to do and are really good at. We facilitate franchisee success and growth by collaborating with our brands to create and consistently deliver experiences that add value to the customer while positively impacting average job size and success ratio metrics.

Lead Regeneration and Maximization

TLS can reopen the lines of communication and rebuild customer relationships. We strongly believe that specific processes and communications can convert these potential customers into active prospects. Sometimes it can be something as simple as following up with a prospect, other times because of a missed or even cancelled appointment that needs to be to rescheduled. With focus on every opportunity to create a moment of difference with a lead we have shown that a lead is always a customer in waiting and a customer in waiting often becomes a customer won. Leads are precious, a happy customer or prospect well served become brand assets.

“Our mission is to create joy making behaviors that change business results.”

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Third Party Lead Source Management

In our role as a brand’s dedicated responder, we provide our brand partners with the support needed to quickly and efficiently respond to third party leads. We monitor lead generation networks in real time and are capable of immediately reacting to relevant inquiries, making ‘first to the door’ a function of the ease, speed and efficiency we excel in.

Customer Feedback Campaigns

Reputation is everything and we are invested in working with our brands to make customer feedback the heartbeat of brand health. We capture, analyze, and present feedback data in a manner that help to make it easy for our brands to understand their customers. We help draw out key themes for improvement within individual business units as well as the brand as a whole. Integrations are built between Clearview, our NPS® closed loop and results portal and each of our brand partner’s CRM infrastructure to ensure seamless real-time data.

Customer Loyalty & NPS® Expertise:

Our suite of customer loyalty skills center around a really deep and significant belief that a happy customer is the lifeblood of a successful brand. We have a deep understanding and commitment to the practice of the Net Promoter System®.

Our work in this area includes:

  • NetPromoter® survey development
  • Employee NPS®
  • Prospect NPS®
  • Custom market research programs
  • Survey design
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Web and phone-based surveys
  • Custom reporting and data analysis
  • Clearview custom NPS® dashboard
  • Consulting and training

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