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MomentMakers® Embracing
Extraordinary Brand Experiences

The Impact of Creating Extraordinary Experiences by Caring for People.

TLS exists to collaborate with our partners to deliver extraordinary brand experiences. Our team has the unique ability to uncover opportunities to care for people in the moment and deliver on your brand promise at the most critical times.

COVID-19 Update

The global health crisis has changed the way our team operates, but we are still committed to delivering genuine care in everything we do. We have implemented social distancing measures, sanitary protocols to protect our people and have integrated a remote workforce to ensure the health and safety of all of our people. Caring for each other always has, and always will be, our top priority.

A gentleman wearing a TLS face mask. Click here for a larger view

We also strive to provide individuals with disabilities equal access to our products and services, including through an accessible website. If you have questions, comments, or encounter any difficulty in using our site, please contact or call us at 877-773-7725.

Care and Collaboration is Our Core Purpose.

A brand is a promise that when delivered and measured effectively creates opportunities to delight current and prospective customers, generate referral business and elevate brand reputation.

When customers need information, confirmation or next-step action, TLS is there to nurture those needs with prompt follow-up and to gather, measure and analyze the feelings, meaning and impact of their brand experience.

Staying connected to your customers is our specialty.

At TLS, we help our partners tap into the needs and the voices of every person who touches their brand by developing an incredible connection; one that often results in a trusted, long-term relationship.

Since 1996, we have championed the need for businesses to contact their customers in a way that sparks meaningful memories. We create a brand experience hub with a series of customizable products and services to help brands who take pride in what they do deliver on their promises.

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Devoted to delivering your brand promise.

Our team of MomentMakers® can unleash your potential to own and create memorable brand moments.

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Our MomentMakers®, your frontline.

TLS is the central frontline of choice for our brand partners, with the experience, the expertise, the technology and the rigor of continuous improvement to create extraordinary brand experiences, every time.

Aligned at the level of values, committed to Golden Rule behavior and behaving as a member of our brand partner’s teams, we believe that serving is the active ingredient in service.

We believe that serving is the active ingredient in service.

Together at TLS

It takes a village united by values and purpose to build something great. Together at TLS we work hard, laugh, brainstorm and stay dedicated to being #MomentMakers® for our brands.