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700 Richmond St #416
London ON, N6A 5C7
 Be Our People

Technology is a tool; people are the difference.

As MomentMakers® we truly make the difference in helping our customers achieve deep and meaningful brand experiences with every interaction.

Our role is to make lives a little easier, happier, and more productive. This is at the heart of what we do. We understand the kind of people that fit our team and share our vision.

People serving people.

A career in brand experience is becoming increasingly valuable as human contact lies at the heart of every brand promise. The customer-centric orientation our MomentMakers® embody is a differentiator in making our brand partners more successful.

Meet Our
To me, a MomentMaker® is an individual who takes pride in bringing a smile to people’s faces. A MomentMaker® goes that extra mile to ensure they are polite, courteous and empathetic with everyone they encounter; always leaving a positive impression on those they deal with on a daily basis. In a technological world, it is so important to connect with people on a human-to-human level and I feel as a MomentMaker® we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of those we help every day. Whether we are booking a home inspection, speaking with a franchisee or calling about a survey, a MomentMaker® seizes the day (carpe diem!) as an opportunity to help make the customer’s experience a positive one!
Lauryn - MomentMaker®
I feel proud to be a MomentMaker® when I successfully make someone else’s day.  If I can turn someone’s day around if they’re experiencing a natural crisis, or need a craftsman out to repair something, or they need to book a home inspection, if that interaction itself can turn someone’s day from bad to good, it’s a rewarding feeling. Being a MomentMaker® really allows for a personal connection to be made.
Taylor - MomentMaker®
Being a MomentMaker® to me means being part of a team that chooses to work together and support each other in good times and not so good times. It means knowing that you are going to connect with people on a daily basis and there will ALWAYS be something to smile about at some point. It means walking into a room and knowing that you are surrounded by other like-minded people. It means showing respect and being treated with respect.
Barb - MomentMaker®


  • We offer a benefits package to all full-time, permanent MomentMakers. We want to take care of our team like they take care of our customers.

  • We inspire people to excel, and take pride in what we do. Training and ongoing professional development are an important ingredient to the success of our people. We focus on core skill development that are transferable skills for those who are long and short term members of our team.

  • As a MomentMaker with TLS, you will receive ongoing offers and discounts on a monthly basis to local events, shopping, dining, and excursions.

  • We feel it is extremely important that we appreciate our MomentMakers® and plan MomentMaking events to celebrate our culture ongoing. This is a key element of what makes our company so special.

  • We feel that we surround ourselves with like-minded people. If you are a member of our team then your friends are welcome too.
    Bring your friends to make moments with us and receive a bonus.

  • It is important to enjoy our day-to-day as we strive to make moments with everyone we come into contact with. That goes the same for you! We have a lot of fun with games, contests, prizes and more.

  • Making moments with each other, and with our brands we serve are only part of what makes TLS special. We feel that it is equally important to make moments within our community. TLS supports a number of local charities and we all love to get involved in special events to give back and inspire.