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Our relationship with Paul Davis dates back to 2000.

Our relationship with Paul Davis dates back to 2000 when we integrated a cutting-edge approach to measuring customer loyalty. As the pioneers of NPS® within our family of companies, Paul Davis and TLS collaborated to build a fully integrated NPS® program with seamless data transfer. In 2016, we worked to integrate first contact on a national level with a focus to continue to provide more support to the franchise owners, corporate office, prospects and customers.


for Paul Davis

  • Information Collection and Data Entry
  • Concern Resolution
  • Customer Feedback Campaigns
  • Customer Loyalty & NPS® Expertise
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As a Brand Experience Center, our role is to hold consciousness around brand experience from a centralized delivery perspective. Contained in this portal are data insights that are derived from NPS® feedback which can help guide strategic decision making. Access your Clearview Dashboard from here.