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100 Kellogg Lane, Unit # 1403
London ON, N5W 0B4

The Wonderful Women in our Workplace

At TLS, we are firm believers in the term “Girl Power”. When you see our female leaders around the boardroom table, you know innovative ideas and progressive decisions are in the making.

From our executive team members to our MomentMakers, the women in our workplace help create one incredible, diverse team. And, it is no surprise that these multifaceted women bring a ton to the table (both literally and figuratively). With different skills, energy levels and areas of expertise, our workplace runs smoothly because of them.

While every new day brings new interactions and opportunities, we know we can accomplish all of them thanks to our strong team.

Here’s to you, ladies!

an image consisting of three panels.  The first panel has a woman putting on a headset set as they are about to make a call. The second panel is three women having a meeting.  The third panel is two women smiling at their desk, looking at the camera.