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WWIM16: Making Moments with Kind Comments

Flashback to March of this year when we participated in our first InstaMeet as a team. This event reinforced a theme that we actively engage in every single day at the office: kindness.

No matter the day, our MomentMakers are on the frontline responding to unpredictable moments and engaging in them with confidence, authenticity, and most of all, kindness. So, when we found out Instagram was hosting a second InstaMeet this year, which was once again dedicated to sharing kindness, we immediately knew we’d be participating!

What was on the agenda this time around? Sharing #KindComments.

While our MomentMakers are usually put on the spot with spontaneous moments, this InstaMeet gave them the opportunity to take a minute (or two) and really think about what kind comments they’d like to share. Safe to say, there was no shortage of genuinely kind notes! Well, we’ll let you read some for yourself…

A person holding up a comment that says 'William is so lovely - xoxo William'

a person hold up a comment that says 'Tanner Stevens is a really nice guy who always seems to make others around him laugh and smile'

a person holding up a comment that says 'The whole Raul Davis Team, they came together to help our customers and franchisees with compassion and immediacy'

a person holding up a comment that says 'Everyone on Cal is like Family!'