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Building A Work Culture That Rocks: Thoughts from Arnie Malham

After recently attending the Secret Service Summit, Laurie & Raemie returned home with tons of inspirational information from a variety of speakers. Over the next few episodes of ECC, we’ll be bringing you some of the key pointers & tips that our office has taken into consideration & is looking to implement.

So, which speaker is today’s focus? The one & only Arnie Malham, the author of “Worth Doing Wrong: The Quest to Build a Culture that Rocks”. One of Arnie’s number one philosophies is: create a work culture that’s so good, people won’t be able to leave!

From throwing away his company’s Policies Book to celebrating tenure in a totally unique way, Arnie has some very impactful insight that our team couldn’t help but take into consideration.

Without further ado, press play & get ready to take notes!