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Kindness in the Core Event

What’s a theme that unites us all, you ask? Kindness.

How can we celebrate this unifying theme?

By participating in Worldwide Instameet 15 (or as the Insta world would call it, #WWIM15).

On the weekend of March 25-26, tens of thousands of people around the world will get together to explore their creativity and connect with others… through kindness!

Engaging in acts of kindness has a special place in our hearts at TLS, so we’re hosting our very own Instameet event on this weekend: Kindness in the Core! Join us in the core of downtown London, Victoria Park, on Sunday, March 26 starting at 11 am while we engage in as many kind acts as possible. From handing out flowers and balloons to simply offering a smile to a stranger, we will be spreading kindness right, left and center!

With the help of our MomentMakers and other local Instagrammers, we’re ready for a memorable day.

 Planning to join us? Here are all the event details: